Useless Arguments


Remind your people of these great facts, and command them in the name of the Lord not to argue over unimportant things.

Such arguments are confusing and useless and even harmful. 2 Timothy 2:14

Every time I push the button to open up the Internet on my phone, I am opening up an endless amount of opinions, comments, likes, and dislikes. After reading them all I have to process every  argument, article, and debate I’ve just read in a matter of minutes. All of a sudden I have new ideas and thoughts I have to work through and place my own opinions on, even if it’s just for myself. All the while, I’m distracted from the reality around me, and the God beside me.

Is it worth it?

I think Paul was right when he said, “such arguments are confusing and useless and even harmful.” He believes arguments are so useless and pointless he commands that we don’t get ourselves wrapped up in debates and arguments.

Instead of getting sucked into useless arguments, I am going to

“make it my ambition to live a quiet life, minding my own business and doing my own work.” (1 Thessalonians 4:11)

This will open a pathway of peace I didn’t even know I was missing.

What could I be doing with my time instead? Working with my hands, moving my feet, and living in a way that would bring honor to God.


2 thoughts on “Useless Arguments

  1. I love this so much, friend. Needed these words as I’ve felt like I’m constantly wading thru online matters.


    1. I hear ya! I think we all go through times when we feel drained from the craziness of social media, and need to just withdraw and meet with Jesus in the quiet. 😊


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