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October Scripture Writing Plan: Life Verses

October is here! Pumpkins, cooler weather, football, and warm coffee.

This month we will be studying “Life Verses” from the Bible. These are scriptures that can carry you through thick and thin. Through the ups and downs. Through the joys and sorrows of life.

This October, commit to spending just 5 minutes a day writing out the scriptures below. Each scripture contains the power and authority of God to fight off temptations and trials that may come your way. They have wisdom, rejoicing, and comfort. They have peace and hope.

Here is this month’s Scripture Writing Plan:


Day - Day 2 - Day 3 - Day 4 - Day 5 - (2)Click here to print

How You Can Use the Scripture Writing Plan:

1. Write out the scripture for the day in a journal. Simply look up the scripture, read and reflect. Then write it out.

2. Use the UP acronym to dig deeper:

U – Understanding (Write out what you think God is trying to tell you from this scripture)

P – Purpose (Write out why this scripture is important in your life today.)

3. Write your own thoughts. After writing out the scripture of the day, use any extra space to write out your own thoughts, things that happened in your day, prayers, or what you’re grateful for that day.


Enjoy your quiet time in God’s Word this month. We’ll join you on Sundays to keep you motivated and encouraged in this month’s study of “Life Verses.”

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