January Scripture Writing Plan ~ Hope

A New Year is here! Time for a fresh start. We are going to continue with our monthly scripture reading plans here on the blog. For the month of January we will be reading scriptures on Hope. Each scripture will be a reminder to us of what hope is, and who we can have hope in.

Here is your Scripture Reading Plan for this month:

The Book of Luke (19)Click here to print

How You Can Use the Scripture Reading Plan:


+ Write the scripture of the day in a journal, along with your thoughts, memories from the day, and prayer requests.

+ Use the SOAP method:

S ~ write out the scripture of the day

O ~ write down what you observe about the scripture

A ~ write down how you can apply the scripture to your life

P ~ end in prayer

+Using this website type in the scripture of the day, and then write down at least 2 other scriptures that are similar that come as a cross reference.


+Simply read the scripture of the day. Set a goal to spend just a few minutes of each day checking the Scripture Reading Plan, and reading the scripture for that day.


Pray the scripture of the day. Pray its words and message as you go about your daily tasks. Let the scripture be in the forefront of your thoughts, as you reflect on it throughout the day.

It’s a new beginning, and that means new opportunities and fresh starts. Happy New Year! Here’s to making 2018 a year filled with faith, hope, and love.

~ Cooking Up Faith




December Scripture Writing Plan ~ The Book of Luke

Hello December!

This is going to be a special month for us at Cooking Up Faith. We are going to be reading through the book of Luke, which is a beautiful gospel of Jesus’ birth, life, and resurrection.

Each day we will have a new scripture from the book of Luke to read and journal. We will be joining you with devotions and encouragement along the way.

Here is your Scripture Writing Plan for the book of Luke:

The Book of Luke (15).png

Click here to print

You will start today, with Luke 1:43-43. All you need is your Bible, a journal to write down your thoughts and the scripture, and a cozy spot for your quiet time.


Enjoy your time in God’s Word. We’re excited to join you through this journey of growing deeper in Christ through the study of scripture.

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Glory to God in the highest heaven; and on earth peace to those on whom his favor rests.

~ Cooking Up Faith

November Scripture Writing Plan ~ Grace & Gratitude

Hello November!

It’s time for turkey, colorful leaves, sweaters, and Thanksgiving.

This month we will journey through scripture and discover more about Grace and Gratitude. Here is your Scripture Writing Plan for the month:

The Book of Luke (12)

Click here to print

James 2:13 says mercy triumphs judgment. Mercy is the entire message of the cross. God’s grace poured out over every person He ever created.

Grace says it won’t look at your behaviors. It won’t look at what you’ve done or should have done. It won’t carry a list of rules and check off the ones you’ve followed and the ones you haven’t. Grace looks beyond rules, right, and wrong and instead offers love, forgiveness,  and acceptance.

God’s Word is full of rules and commands, and they are good. They are necessary and when followed they offer a protection against many trials.

But we are not perfect, and rules we break. Often. But with God nothing is helpless or hopeless. To Him, and through Him, everything can be restored and made right again. His solution is grace. Grace allows restoration to be made, and second chances can begin.

When we realize this hope – this chance at a new beginning – we start feeling grateful. So thankful that our future does not depend on our past, but can move forward with grace.

This November, let the Word of God soak into your mind, heart, and soul. Allow your heart to change and transform. Receive grace, give grace, walk in gratitude.



How to Use your Scripture Writing Plan:

  1. Write out the scripture of the day in your journal.
  2. Write out your thoughts, events/memories, and prayers for that day under the scripture.
  3. Reflect on the scripture of the day as you go about your daily tasks and activities.
  4. Join us on Wednesdays as we share a devotional covering the scriptures studied for that week.

Today is November 1st, so you will start on #1 scripture today – 2 Corinthians 8:-9. Follow the plan for each day.

We will join you on Sundays with a reminder of what scriptures to write out for that week, and a devotional on Wednesdays to keep you motivated.

Enjoy your quiet time in God’s Word!

~ Cooking Up Faith