September Newsletter

Here’s what’s happening this month at Cooking Up Faith  ~ we will begin SOAPing through scripture with you! Below is a reading outline of chapters you can read and SOAP through in your own quiet time.

We will be SOAPing many of these chapters, and sharing our journal entries with you here on the blog.

What is the SOAP Method? It’s an interactive way of studying scripture.

SOAP stands for Scripture, Observation, Application, and Prayer. Choose a chapter from God’s Word to read, then follow these steps in your journal:

S – Scripture (write down the scripture that speaks to you)

O – Observe (what do you observe from this scripture?)

A – Application (how can you apply what you observe to your life?)

P – Prayer (end in prayer)


We’re excited to see what wisdom, truths, and comfort we find in this month’s chapter readings! Subscribe by email or follow us on Facebook to receive each new post!

~ Cooking Up Faith