Using “UP”

At Cooking UP Faith we use a method called “UP” to journal scripture. It’s an an easy, yet effective way to write out scripture and gain a deeper understanding of its meaning and purpose.

How to Use “UP” to Journal Scripture

1. Write down a passage of scripture in your journal.

2. Under the scripture write the letter “U” which stands for Understanding. Write down your thoughts on what you think God is trying to tell you through the passage of scripture.

3. Now write the letter “P” which stands for Purpose. Write down your thoughts on why you think God wants you to know this scripture and how it is important to your life today.

Print it Out ~ click on the image below, print it out, and paste it inside your journals for quick reference.

Cooking UP Faith (1)

Click here to download and print

Every Sunday we post an outline of scriptures you can read/journal through using “UP,” then we meet with you on Tuesdays and Thursdays for a devotional.

We love Cooking UP Faith with you!