Faith is like a muscle. It has the potential to grow and become something powerful, even move mountains. Left on it’s own, faith will sag, droop, and become useless. C.S. Lewis said of faith, “Faith, in the sense of which I am here using the word, is the art of holding on to things your reason has once accepted, in spite of your changing moods.”

Strengthening faith is a daily choice. Little by little you must condition faith to grow. There are three ways to strengthen you faith. 1. Study and understand God’s Word – the most resourceful tool you’ll ever need. 2. Pray and communicate with the Almighty, the Creator of your life and all that happens in your life. 3. Put into practice what you have been taught and where the Holy Spirit nudges you to go.

Actively pursuing all three faith exercises will create in you a strong woman of faith. You will receive evidences and awareness of God’s presence, which is a mystery to some. To you it will be a gift and something you long to experience more of.


At Cooking Up Faith you will find resources to help you strengthen your faith: Scripture Writing Plans that you can use daily. This is one of the three ways to strengthen your faith – daily study and understanding of God’s Word


Each Scripture Plan has a scripture for the day that you can write out in a journal – in the quiet of your own home. Each Scripture Plan contains a theme – some are topical like joy and peace, and some go through entire books of the Bible. You will also find devotionals pertaining to each Scripture Plan – stretching your understanding of all the scriptures you studied that week.


You’ll find recipes at Cooking Up Faith too! Food serves the purpose of giving our bodies energy. Faith gives our hearts and minds the energy they need.



Healthy food combined with healthy faith make for  strong body and soul. The recipes we share contain basic God-given ingredients, that when mixed together make a delicious meal you can be proud to serve to your family.

We hope you enjoy your experience here at Cooking Up Faith as you discover Scripture Plans to journal through, devotionals to read, and recipes to prepare.

Welcome to Cooking Up Faith!